No More Scraping! Get Spotless Shine
Without the Hard Work

A chemical free, fast, and easy way to steam clean your microwave

Caked on lasagna, splattered soup, and accidental explosions, can make your microwave look and smell awful.
What you need is MICROWAVE MAID! Steam clean your microwave for a sparkling, spotless finish. And as a bonus, get the Odor Refresher Maid to keep your fridge and cupboards smelling fresher for longer.

You scrub, spray and scrape, but it’s just never enough to clean your microwave. What you need, is an easy, effortless, and effective solution to make your microwave sparkling new.

Introducing Microwave Maid!

MicrowaveMaid does all the work for you, so won’t have to waste your time and money with cleaning solutions that just don't work.

When food splatters and spills, it hardens over time, forcing you to clean with harsh chemicals. But you still end up scrubbing!

With MicrowaveMaid, you can break down grease and caked on splatters for an easy clean every time.

  • Naturally Cleans – Releases natural steam to penetrate the entire surface.
  • Disinfects and Deodorizes – It doesn’t just clean, MicrowaveMaid kills bacteria and fights odor.
  • Reaches Every Corner – As the water and vinegar evaporates, it loosens most grease and grime, even in stubborn corners.
  • Easy to Use – Simply add water and vinegar, microwave for 7 minutes, and wipe clean!
  • ADDED BONUS! – Odor Refresher Maid keeps your fridge and cupboards smelling fresher, longer.
  • Save On Expensive Cleaners – With MicrowaveMaid, you won’t need any cleaning solutions or stain removers. Save hundreds every year and declutter your cupboards.
  • Safe – Clean and wipe! That’s it, and your microwave is good to go! Unlike other cleaning solutions, you won’t need to air out the kitchen or turn on your fan.
  • Does the Work for You – Let MicrowaveMaid do the cleaning while you get back to more important things, and when time is up, all you do is wipe away!

Get MicrowaveMaid Now

Here’s why people love MicrowaveMaid

Steam Blast Your Microwave for Worry-Free Cleaning

Remove stubborn food stains and leave your microwave smelling fresh! MicrowaveMaid is so effective, you’ll want more than one! Keep one near every microwave in your home or share them with someone you know whose microwave needs some extra care. And for even more freshness, give your kitchen an extra boost with a BONUS Odor Refresher Maid to keep your fridge or cupboards odor free and smelling fresh!


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Have a Question? See Our FAQs

Question:How much water and vinegar should I use?

MicrowaveMaid has an indication on the base to tell you exactly how much water and vinegar to add before placing in the microwave.

Question:Can I add other liquid?

If you want your microwave to smell extra fresh, you can try adding a tablespoon of lemon juice. The liquid will evaporate as it steam cleans, leaving your microwave smelling lemony fresh!

Question:What if it doesn’t work the first time?

If you have extra stubborn mess and stains, let the MicrowaveMaid run through its first cycle, and then apply water and vinegar for another cycle. Wipe away the mess in between cycles to make the clean up easier.

Question:Will it ever melt?

No! MicrowaveMaid is heat resistant and is designed to withstand your microwave. It is also top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Question:How do I use the Odor Refresher Maid?

Just like the MicrowaveMaid, the Odor Refresher Maid does the work for you. Simply fill the base with baking soda and leave it in your fridge or any cupboard to eliminate odor. This will keep your food smelling and tasting fresher for longer.

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